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About Technical Doctor – Experts in Healthcare IT Chicago

Technical Doctor offers Healthcare Providers a unique blend of Medical Practice and IT experience to assist Hospitals and Physicians Practices maximize their Technology investment. Our company has over 60 years of combined MD and Medical IT experience. This includes

  • Managing a Medical Practice’s IT Budget
  • Managing Healthcare Information Technology Projects and Teams
  • Implementing a broad array of IT systems and technologies for the healthcare industry nationwide
  • Providing 24/7 support to Health Care providers for IT Systems

At Technical Doctor, we are Healthcare IT specialists and have the experience and knowledge of Healthcare Technology Management and Security Compliance required to provide exceptional service.

At Technical Doctor, we provide you with cost effective solutions and experienced resources to guarantee your goal of a SECURE NETWORK and COMPLIANT SOLUTIONS. Selecting Healthcare IT products and services can be confusing. We will help you understand the solutions available and make decisions regarding your IT systems. Our Process assists you to make an informed decision regarding the IT Solutions that will best fit the need and budget of your practice.

Implementing an EHR system is time consuming, stressful and costly. Additionally, case studies have shown that realizing the benefits and efficiencies of an EHR system will take dedicated resources and a solid understanding of the necessary changes to your current daily processes as well as your computer systems. Together we can provide you with cost effective and experienced resources that will help you reach your goal of a successful EHR implementation