The Technical Doctor Discussion Team

Vinod Venugopal, Technology Architect and System Integrator

Vinod has over 20 years of professional IT experience including 10 years of healthcare and information technology consulting service. His IT experiences include infrastructure design, hardware and network stability, full software/vendor support for Physicians Practices. He has served over 500 clients and worked for several Fortune 500 companies. Vinod’s background includes: a position as IT Director for a national tracking vendor, Senior Network Administrator in IT consulting for the #1 consulting firm in the world, a Project Manager for hundreds of software and systems implementations with Customer Service actions.

His consulting services include vendor relationships, software support, networks, wireless and security services, disaster recovery implementations and IT purchasing.

Vinod has assisted over 100+ EMR implementations for Physicians Practices and guarantees high comfort levels to a practice regarding all their IT/WorkFlow solutions. Mr. Venugopal is a Senior Solution-Based Technology Consultant.

Dr. Anthony Cutilletta, Clinical Process Management

Dr. Cutilletta is a physician/business school graduate who, in the past, has held a leadership and administrative positions in large academic medical centers and healthcare systems, including John Hopkins, Loyola University Medical Center, Christ Hospital Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center. He was also the managing partner in a large private medical practice before joining Protiviti, Inc, an international risk consulting firm, as a Managing Director and healthcare practice leader in October 2003. In 2006 he assumed the position of Vice-President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Informatics Office for the Alexian Brothers Health System.

He has broad experience in and understanding of hospital, hospital systems, and practice operations focusing on regulatory compliance, strategic analysis, planning and marketing, quality assessment, managed care and financial management. As a Associate Vice-President and Associate Dean of Inter-Institutional Affairs at Rush University Medical center and in his current position at Alexian Brothers Health Systems, he engaged in a strategic planning and operational management among system hospitals including selection and usage of system-wide utilization management software, directing the HIPPA Transaction Standard and Code Set Initiative at Rush.

As a partner and primary program developer in a practice management software company he specialized in integration of practice functions and assessment of practice operations.

Eric Fishman, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Records Expert

Dr. Fishman has 25 years of experience as an Orthopedic Surgeon, and 15 years of experience in the health information technology field. After graduating from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a 5 year Orthopedic Surgery residency, he was chief of Orthopedics at Cary Medical Center in Caribou, Maine. He then founded Gold Coast Orthopedics in West Palm Beach, Florida, which grew to a 12 physician practice. He has since left practice to focus on 1450, the leading Dragon distributor in North American. 1450 was founded in 1997, and now specializes in integrating Dragon Medical speech recognition software with physician workflow, both with and without an EMR.

1450 has developed one of the world’s largest databases of information concerning Electronic Medical Records software, which database is used to assist physicians find the proper software for their environment.

Eric Fishman, MD has since left his Orthopedic Surgery practice of 20 years, and specializes in integrating Dragon Medical into modern EMRs and into physicians’ workflow.

Carol Teplis, MD, Pediatrician and Group EMR Consultant

Dr. Carol Teplis completed her medical education at Emory University School of Medicine in 1994 and her residency at Children’s Memorial Hospital of Northwestern University in Chicago in 1997. Dr. Teplis is a practicing pediatrician in the suburbs of Chicago. She has enjoyed practicing medicine for the past 11 years serving a suburban community with a large Hispanic population. Dr. Teplis became interested in computers for medicine several years ago and has actively investigated multiple EMR programs during the past 5 years.

She has the expertise and proficiency to evaluate EMR programs that meet specialty specific needs, explore issues related to practice readiness, and establish a team approach to implement an array of EMRs for an office or clinic. With the experience that she has gained, Dr. Teplis strongly believes, “In order for physicians to take and maintain control of this upcoming change in the way we practice medicine, we must initiate the search and implementation of EMR systems to meet our own needs.”

Recently, Dr. Teplis gave a presentation on “Searching for an EMR’ held at the national conference, Towards an Electronic Patient Record (TEPR) 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Article 2008

Mick Skott, Technology Consultant and Project Manager

Mick has over 28 years of professional healthcare IT experience including ten years of business and information technology consulting service. His IT experiences include Providers, Payers, and Physicians Practices. He has served over 200 clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Mick’s background includes a position as Senior Manager in IT consulting for the clients of a large consulting firm, Director of Voice and Data Communications for a top 100 hospital, and Systems Engineer for a large medical applications developer. His consulting services include clinical systems, networks, privacy and security services, disaster recovery planning and IT controls auditing.

Mick has conducted over a dozen EMR readiness assessments for Physicians Practices and has assisted a hospital with their EMR implementation.

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