Dragon Medical Edition

Free E-Book: Dragon Dictation

  • Dragon Dictation Medical Delivers up to 99% accuracy and Instant Medical transcription.
  • Dragon Dictation Medical Covers 80 medical specialties and sub-specialties!
  • Dragon Dictation Medical saves Time. Time saved is time earned with your patients.
  • Dragon Dictation Medical saves Money. Money saved is money invested into a better practice.
  • It helps you build patient loyalty and increase practice profitability.

Why Choose Dragon Dictation as your Medical Dictation Software?

  • Dragon Dictate improves financial performance by eliminating transcription costs & by increasing physician productivity compared to typing or “point and click” data entry into an EMRs.
  • Dragon Dictate raises the quality of care by enabling clinicians to dictate, review and sign medical records in one step, allowing them to communicate clinical information more quickly to referring clinicians and patients alike.
  • Dragon Dictate increases clinician satisfaction by making the EMRs easier to use by eliminating typing or “point and click” data entry.

Why Choose Technical Doctor Inc. as your preferred Dragon Dictate Vendor?

  • Technical Doctor can provide Dragon Dictation at comparable and lower rates.
  • Technical Doctor specializes in providing training for Dragon Dictation at affordable prices to Physicians.
  • Technical Doctor assures rock solid support for Dragon Medical.
  • Technical Doctor specializes in integrating your Dragon Dictation Medical with your EMR.