EHR Consulting and Training

Free E-Book: Selecting The Right EHR

Technical Doctor’s EHR Consulting and Training includes:

  • Selecting the right EHR for your Medical Practice.
  • Selecting the right Hardware, Faxing Solutions and other Systems.
  • Setting up the Technical Infrastructure of your Medical Practice with the above.
  • Providing on going training and support for the implemented EHR.
  • Educating the Medical Practice on upgrades and new technologies related the EHR.

Technical Doctor Helps Save You Time And Money During Your EHR Implementation! Here Is How:

  • Technical Doctor helps clients avoid the common pitfalls of implementing an EHR System through their proven approach and a broad level of experience in leading IT implementations.
  • Implementing an EHR system can be time consuming. Are you willing to devote a full-time staff member for it? Technical Doctor can instead provide you the expertise at a fraction of the cost.
  • Technical Doctor has relations with all the top CCHIT certified EHR & EMR vendors and can put together DEMOS and quotes for your office. Technical Doctor will help your office negotiate pricing on install, support, maintenance, & hardware.

Technical Doctor: The EHR expert, helping you select the right EMR!

  • Technical Doctor is an EHR Vendor agnostic company for the sake of Medical practice’s best interest and does not sell EHRs.
  • Technical Doctor brings the Medical practice all their experience with EHR vendors and empowers them for their business.
  • Technical Doctor guides the Medical practice on which government and hospital incentives are applicable when.
  • Technical Doctor revamps your ordinary non-IT “workflow” with a more EMR / IT focused workflow to help decide an EHR fit.
  • Technical Doctor will ask the sales / demo person of shortlisted EHR vendors for a quote with your Medical Practice Fit.
  • Technical Doctor also helps Purchase hardware, setup, install, and configure the EHR setup for a robust infrastructure.