HIPAA Compliant Data Backup

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Technical Doctor’s HIPAA Compliant Data backup allows you to:

  • Backup your entire Medical Record database from your computer to an external drive nightly.
  • Backup Important Practice Documents every 15 minutes.
  • One-Click File & Folder Sharing with your Practice Associates.
  • Unlimited version history to see updated Medical Records and Claims.

Why choose Technical Doctor’s HIPAA Compliant Data backup?

  • Technical Doctor provides Big-Business IT best-practice for the little guy – true multi-destination, multi-schedule backup that can be adapted to meet your needs but at consumer price.
  • Technical Doctor is software as a service billed at a low monthly subscription. A basic annual subscription costs less than most stand-alone backup software packages – let alone a tape-drive or an external hard-drive.
  • Technical Doctor data back up software backs your data up offsite invisibly and automatically, keeping an unlimited version history that lets you roll-back to any point in time.

Technical Doctor Universal Backup™ with LiveProtect. Backup any data, any time, to any destination