Getting Your Practice Ahead

Vol 1: Medical Website Essentials

Edited By Vinod Venugopal

ABSTRACT: Medical Website Essentials: A website is a must for a modern day physician practice or hospital. The website provides the practice with an opportunity to interact with patients and potential visitors on a daily basis. To ensure that your practice/hospital website is up to date and using the latest tools to help patients, we offer some tips which you may find helpful.

Many physicians are going through the EHR paradigm shift and have lost tremendous amount of money and time. Numerous patients have given poor feedback to their doctors after the practice moved to an EHR. Decade long relationships with their doctor slowly dissipates as patients become frustrated with their doctors lack of care because more attention is focused on computers.

Financially speaking, physicians have spent tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware, consulting services, and EHR software costs and usually spend just as much time figuring out what should have been discovered during a workflow assessment.

Technical doctor believes that continuing billing during the implementation, training physicians and staff members properly, and utilizing technology to assist in patient care is key to a successful EHR for every practice. These beliefs are what keep Technical Doctor ahead of all other IT companies.

We bring you this e-book series as an attempt to simplify technology for you and your staff, to help you appreciate technology and what it can do for you and practice.